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Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of asbestos disposal

More services
  • Disposal of asbestos
  • Elaboration and approval of the asbestos hazard disposal workflow by the relevant RPHP.
  • Professional dismantling, stabilization, transport, disposal of asbestos at the hazardous waste dump
  • Measuring the concentration of asbestos fibers in the air after remediation (interior)

We act straight, we don't hide anything

  • After 15 years of practice, we can say: Your asbestos, our problem
  • We value reputation and long-term cooperation more than fast profit and low-quality work at lower prices

Work at heights

Ronar company provides work at heights with mountaineering equipment.

We are all over Slovakia

Although our company is based in Košice, we are able to cover all of Slovakia with our services.



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The company has implemented an integrated management system focused on quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational safety.